We were commissioned by Mevrouw Meijer to study the transformation and extension of primary school De Zwanebloem into an education centre including a primary school, nursery and daycare and community facilities. The school has a unique learning programme with an emphasis on outside learning. Our proposal aims to create a large variety of spaces for learning differing in size, shape and character. Furthermore it aims to bring the interior spaces in closer proximity to the surrounding green landscape by creating outside classrooms and reinstating the patio in the heart of the school. The school consists of units of two classrooms with a shared multifunctional room that can open to the adjoining terrace.

Client: Mevrouw Meijer
Location: Zwaanshoek, The Netherlands
Programme: Primary school, nursery and daycare centre
Gross floor area: 1435 m²
Status: Study
Images: Studio Prospettica