The Fragrance Store

The design of this store has been reduced to two main elements: A seven meter long cabinet for the storage and display of various fragrances and a fifteen meter long curtain that provides a warm atmosphere and separates the shop from the storage space and kitchenette. The central position of the cabinet makes it possible for the visitors and personnel to gather around while facing each other and engage in conversation.

Hundred-and-fifty types of perfume are displayed in a vulnerable, yet elegant, fashion as ”laying” pieces in a cabinet of curiosities. The display has been made entirely out of resin, while the basis of the cabinet is made out of Mahoney wood. Drawers and open compartments are integrated in order to store and display more products. The cheese cloth curtain is at some times flat and at other times dense bringing a different rhythm to the interior of the store. The use of materials has been carefully considered to fit the tactility and sensitivity of the products: perfumes.

Since spring 2017 the mahogany cabinet, designed for The Fragrance Store, has found a new home at Serge Schoemaker Architects in Amsterdam. The cabinet is now used for the display of architectural models, books and project folders and the storage of tools and stationery.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gross floor area
50 m2
The Fragrance Store
Houtwerk Delft
Werkplaats Vincent de Rijk
Maki Ito
Completed in June 2015
Photographs by Raoul Kramer and Max Hart Nibbrig