We were commissioned by a young family to develop a design for a refurbishment and extension of their recently acquired bungalow. The bungalow is situated on the highest level of a sloping lot in the woody dune area between Zandvoort and Aerdenhout. The house was built in the sixties by Dutch architect C.H. Tillmanns for himself and his family and has since remained unchanged. The assignment was to alter the house in line with the wishes of the family, while taking advantage of the surrounding landscape.

The design is based on the existing load bearing structure and spatial layout and builds further on these principles, typical for American mid-century bungalows. To make use of the landscape as much as possible, a stepped extension is proposed that breaks up the volume into smaller elements which go up in their surroundings. In the interior this stepped plan makes views possible alongside elements of the building to various corners of the garden.

In the interior a series of diagonally connected common spaces are proposed. The first series, atelier, living room and kitchen, provide the main functions for living, while the second series, kitchen sitting room and tv-room, provide access to the bedrooms. In the heart of the plan a new patio is introduced which brings light into the centre of the house and allows for views across. By extending the bungalow towards the lowest section of the lot a double height garden room is created, that is in connection with the surrounding nature and enjoys views and direct access to the lower level of the garden.

The existing load bearing structure of red cedar beams is continued in the extension and complemented by natural stone and hardwood details for the floors and furniture. The existing brickwork is whitewashed to balance out old and new. After the addition of the patio and the extension and refurbishment of the existing house, the bungalow forms one spatial entity of which only a hint of the difference between existing and new elements remains.

Location: Aerdenhout, The Netherlands
Program: House and atelier
Gross floor area: 370 m2
Client: Private
Cost consultant: Boshuizen Bouwadvies
Status: Schematic design