MSc1 Coffeehouse – Interiors Buildings Cities

Unknown Architects was selected in an open call for young practices from Holland and Belgium to lead a first year master design studio within the chair Interiors Buildings Cities at the Technical University in Delft. It is one of the four studios derived from the common theme of The House in the City, which is further contextualised through the annual theme of the Festive City. The subject of our studio is the Coffeehouse or Koffiehuis. The studio examines the nature of the coffeehouse of our time, while drawing from its history as an open place for discussion that maximises the interaction between customers, forging a creative and convivial environment.

The coffeehouse is a place for discussion, a place where literature is written, political ideas are developed, social issues are discussed and deals are closed. A democratic place that is discretely embedded in the city, but defines and can redefine society. In this studio we invited the students to reconsider the coffeehouse in the city of The Hague on three specific locations: the pavilion, located besides the Koekamp, the house, located on the Herengracht and the grand café on the Buitenhof.  

We collectively visited Vienna, the epicentre of coffeehouse culture, to study coffeehouses, cafes and gastronomic places and experience them in person. As part of the excursion, we invited Hermann Czech to lecture on his work and experience of working in Vienna.

MSc1 Interiors Buildings Cities, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
Fall Semester 2017 – 2018
Students: Ela Sari, Hu Na, Nicole Chmielinski, Yaohan Yu, Mary Lou van den Berg, Hongjie Huang, Yu Chen, Yiming Yang, Elena Rossini, Merel Cornelissen, Kees Fritschy, Hellmer Rahms Martin-Crespo, Veronica Lee Ching, Chen Ziyao, Erik Hoekstra, Renske de Meijer