The studio is embedded within the garden of a traditional city-block in Amsterdam. The placement of the studio has been carefully considered in order not to affect the existing trees. The garden studio serves as a place where the client, a musician, can practise and teach, cello, and withdraw herself from the busy city. The plan is simple; a trapezoidal shape made possible by a simple rotation of a square. A cabinet fills the corner of the space – bringing back the square into the plan – and provides a small kitchen.

The shape of the roof and the non-perpendicular walls accomplish good acoustical qualities and give the structure a further degree of complexity, both in the interior and the exterior. By slightly rotating the plan the volume sets itself apart from the border of the garden, suggesting a freestanding object. The sloped roofs emphasise the depth of the garden, while the glazing reflects the plants and trees around. The materials of the interior and exterior are each others opposites: whitewashed birch plywood panels for the interior and blackened larch battens for the exterior.


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Studio
Gross floor area: 15 m2
Client: Private
Contractor: Getimmer
Interior fit-out: Getimmer, Intopmaat
Completed in July 2015
Photos by Max Hart Nibbrig