Unknown Architects nominated for Unfair Architect Award 2020

We’re very excited to announce that we have been nominated for the Unfair Architect Award 2020. We hope to contribute to this progressive biennial art fair, which showcases 40 contemporary artists in the Zuiveringshal on the Westergasterrein.

“The Unfair Architect Award is a biennial visionary architectural prize that is characterised by a dual mission. It celebrates and actively promotes the most promising young architects of today and pushes their career development. Additionally it’s a professional quest to commission the best architect to create the exhibition design for Unfair’s upcoming namesake biennial art fair exhibition in 2020. Winning the award means designing and executing the exhibition design in an enormous industrial hall in the Westergasfabriek and incorporating the 40 individual art presentations that are included in the event. Baring in mind these points of departure, the award calls, for a design that has the unique and autonomous qualities of an artwork in its own right, yet is able to connect all artistic aspects involved. The architect will build their designs as a joint effort with all participating artists.With the no nonsense promise of direct commission and celebration and for the second time the Unfair Architect Award sets out to find the most inspiring design of 2019, bringing Unfair20 to another level.”