In collaboration with Suzana Milinovic and Rufus van den Ban (Studio Positif) and João Prates Ruivo (FORA), Unknown Architects has taught at the architectural summer school Hello Wood in Hungary.

On a small rise in the Southwest of the Hungarian countryside with a team of 20 international students we have been part of a temporary community of 150 people from 30 different countries. On this site, which can be seen as an archipelago of event structures, we have developed a project that attempts to connect, not only, individual build structures but also the people working on those structures and therefore creates a stronger sense of community.

The team has implemented an intervention strategy that addresses the project site as a whole, including pre-existing and new structures, trees and bushes, topography and soil.

After tracing a vector on the ground; a dotted line with 10 meters spacing in each point, a vertical structure is erected first as a demarcation. These poles are the skeleton for a network of interventions relating to their immediate context. Next to the bar the vertical structure is developed into a covered stage, a viewing tower is developed at the perimeter of the site overlooking the surrounding landscape, and a washing line is built in the settlement where all the students have their cabins.

The idea lies somewhere between Haussmann’ Paris and Francis Alys’ mountain on the move, while the outcome relies on the friction between the will to colonise and the willingness to be colonised in return.

Location: Csóromfölde, Hungary
Program: viewing tower, water tower, stage, swing, washing line
Client: Hello Wood
Completed summer 2017
Photography: Tamás Bujnovszky
Featured in: DomusArchdaily, Designboom