A fascination for spontaneous performances of classical music in public space formed the basis for this research and design project.

Classical music developed in an interior environment. This music cannot be heard without considering the space for which it has been written, think for example about church music or chamber music.

This all of course has to do with acoustics. Performing this type of music is possible if you can find space that have enough enclosure to create an acoustic environment. A historic city like Delft has many well enclosed open spaces which are very suitable for the acoustic performance of classical music.

A design has been made for the Binnenrotte in Rotterdam. By lowering the square with 5 meters a well enclosed open spaces is created allowing the autonomous iconic buildings surrounding the square to be bound together by a shared plinth and enhancing their use by creating entrances that are better connected to public space.

A set of stairs and ramps connects the lowered square to the surrounding urban fabric creating well enclosed open spaces for sontaneous performances of music.

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Public square, retail, horeca
Gross floor area: 25.000 m2
Professors: Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Ype Cuperus, Christien Jansen
February 2015 – April 2016
Photos by Max Hart Nibbrig